with acclaimed angler Ryan Moody

The most IMPORTANT thing when fishing is knowing what's under your boat!

Surprisingly, many anglers don't realise the setup of their unit is CRITICAL to getting a truthful understanding of the world underneath them.

Without setting up and interpreting your sonar correctly you could be...

  • Fishing structure that doesn't actually hold fish
  • Confusing bait and rocks,
  • Confusing big fish with small fish
  • Fishing above or below the fish
  • Not fishing the most productive locations!
Most people don't even KNOW they're doing it wrong because they haven't had 30 years on water experience to figure it out!

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When to use a side scan fish finder
Interpreting a fish finder sonar for pinnacles
We take you into the field and show you how to interpret your sounder
Fish finder using Traditional 2D

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Ryan Moody giving his Wonky Holes presentation

Fishing educator: Ryan Moody

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