Townsville to Cairns in far north Queensland is prime barra fishing country!

Come on a journey with us from the present to the past as we take a look at some of the 2000 massive metre plus barra caught by Ryan and clients over the years. From footage taken from old VHS tapes to the present, here is our Big Barra Series...



More massive big barramundi action on barra fishing charters with barra master Ryan Moody.

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Ryan Moody's epic big barramundi fishing video #15 with some of the massive barra caught in 2017 at Hinchinbrook Island in Far North Queensland. Let Ryan teach you how to catch big barra consistently in our online fishing course Barra Basics.

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2000 Saltwater meterys: RM - THIS IS YOUR LIFE!

On the 23rd September 2016 Ryan Moody caught his 2000th saltwater barra over one metre. It is an amazing achievement and we have celebrated the occasion with a bit of a "this is your life" haha - complete with childhood video clips (hopefully not too embarrassing). We also talk about our new business Fish Smarter and our range of online fishing courses where you can learn all his secrets to catching trophy fish regularly.


In our latest big barramundi fishing action video, Ryan Moody moves towards 2000 barra over a metre - only one more to go. In this fishing action video, watch big barramundi jumps and head thrashes as anglers try and catch a metre plus barra. These spectacular fish leap out of the water and challenge anglers trying to catch them.

Ryan teaches keen barra anglers how to catch big barra in his online fishing course Barra Basics.


Catching big metre plus barramundi at Hinchinbrook in far north Queensland Australia with premium fishing guide Ryan Moody. Ryan is only 2 fish away from catching two thousand big barramundi over one metre in length.

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Spectacular fishing footage of massive fish jumps and runs while catching big barramundi with Ryan Moody fishing charters. Metre plus barra are the order of the day with all fish caught and released.

Ryan has caught nearly 2000 barra over a metre for his north Queensland clients over the years and hope to crack the 2000th barra over a metre milestone in 2016.

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Big Barra 11: Hinchinbrook is the ultimate barra destination

Catching big barramundi has never been more exciting than in the latest instalment of Ryan Moody's Big Barra fishing series. Moody has caught nearly 2000 barramundi over one metre and is a recognised master barra fisherman. For information about his online barra fishing courses visit


Barra fishing charters in queensland is all about putting clients onto big fish. Ryan Moody shows us how to catch big barramundi with some threadfin salmon and a GT thrown in. Footage from end of season 2014 Ryan Moody Barra Fishing Charters. To learn how to catch big barra like this from premium barra fishing charter guide Ryan Moody, head to http://www.BARRABASICS.COM

Big Barra 9: Edging closer to 2000 barra over one metre!

If you are yet to experience the thrill of catching a metre plus barra, you will come pretty close to it in this video. Big Barra 9 is latest installment of the Big Barra series so crank up the volume (if you like Dubstep) and ENJOY!! Featured are some of the barra caught by Hooked on Hinchinbrook charters in 2014.


ADRENALIN RUSH! Massive big barra jumps, thrashes and smoking runs surrounded by the spectacular scenery of Hinchinbrook Island. Footage taken during Hooked on Hinchinbrook charters with Ryan Moody from April to June 2014. If you love it, like our page, share it out and we will make some more for you.

Big Barra 7: Hinchinbrook is THE fishing destination!

Big Barra 7 is a compilation of metre plus Hooked on Hinchinbrook fishing charter highlights from Feb-May 2014 with some heart stopping jumps and big runs - bringing us ever closer to the magical 2000th metre plus barra for clients.

Big Barra 6: Barra Torpedo

Is that a wahoo streaking through the sky??? No its a monsta barra!! Big Barramundi 6 - highlights from Hooked on Hinchinbrook charters 2013 barra season. Spectacular fishing footage as Ryan Moody and clients catch metre plus barra over and over again.


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If a bucket list metre barra is your goal, Ryan Moody is in a league of his own.

Jason Kennedy

"I've fished for big barramundi from the Cape to the Northern Territory for the past nine years on my TV show Fishin' Trip with no success on the magical metre mark. However that all changed when we teamed up with Ryan Moody. We spent only one day with Ryan and we cracked the magical metre mark 3 times! We thank you Ryan for your knowledge, patience and support. You make dreams come true!" 

Jason Kennedy, Fishin Trip Presenter

Big Barramundi 5: Memory Lane

We thought we lost all our old footage in the cyclones... Then we found this! An undamaged Hi8 tape. Woohoo! Quick conversion to digital and we head down memory lane to the good ol' days. Even includes some of my good mate Ruffy (the one cackling at the beginning during the double hook up) plus some in water releases - Yes big barra do bite!

Big Barra 4: Slow motion jumps

Opening lines in this video come from one of our first time clients "OMG!!!! I've never seen a bigger fish!"  haha. I love it! Here in Big Barra 4 my video editing skills finally start to do the footage justice as I discover Slo-Mo! Those of you editing gurus will probably not be impressed with the repetition but I just could not help slowing down those big barra jumps and head shakes. 

Big barra 3: Double hook-ups.

Here we are again in the good ol' days of denim shorts and no grey hair! Big Barra 3 starts off with a double hook up of metre plus barra and the action pretty much continues from there. I think this is my favourite of the series, only because of all the anchor rope issues. Thank goodness for GPS anhoring electic motors eliminating the need for anchor ropes (most of the time).

Big barra 2: Getting old!

More footage from the seemingly indestructible by cyclones Hi8 tape.  If you have gotten this far you are a serious barra nut! If you prefer to watch me with no grey hair, watch on...

Big Barramundi 1: My first crack at making movies!

Other than some private ones perhaps hehe. No all jokes aside, Big Barramundi 1 includes the first lot of highlights from the indestructible hi8 tape, which inspired me to start making the clips on this and other pages. Hope you have enjoyed the trip down memory lane as much as I did!