Monthly Archives: April 2016

Big barramundi jumping

Catching Big Barramundi #13

Catching our 2000th big metre plus barramundi is becoming a bit like climbing Everest haha. The steepest part is at the TOP! Still we have been steadily plugging away with some great big barra captures over the last few months. While some people insist on travelling all the way to the Territory, it’s really not…

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Custom made fishing lures

Custom made fishing lures | Dave Killalea

Master fishing lure craftsman Dave Killalea’s favourite pastime is designing and creating custom made fishing lures for a particular purpose. And I’m not talking about a lure for barra or jacks etc. I’m talking about something much more specific than that! By “custom fishing lure” I mean for example; a 6 inch hard bodied lure…

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