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red tide algal boom is not coral spawn

Trichodesmium blooms are often confused with coral spawn.

Seasoned anglers at one stage or other, will probably have encountered a grey, red, or brown slick on the ocean surface, usually assumed to be coral spawn. Chances are the culprit is actually a naturally occurring algal bloom called Trichodesmium. Trichodesmium is often present in the water column of tropical ocean waters, especially during the warmer…

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How to fillet King threadfin

How to fillet fish | King Threadfin Salmon

After barra, King Threadfin Salmon Polydactylus sheridani are perhaps the most highly prized tropical estuarine sportsfish in Australia. Anglers having accomplished a metre plus barra, often turn their attention to a metre plus threadfin as they pull like schoolboys and are surprisingly hard to catch until you work them out. They are also FUN! Threadfin are…

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