Post-cyclone Hinchinbrook Channel Barra Frenzy

Barra Frenzy

A couple of days after cyclone Ita drowned north Queensland’s east coast, I decided to take the family out across the Hinchinbrook Channel for a sunset cruise. Those of you from north Queensland will know that sunsets are glorious after a cyclone and this afternoon was shaping up to be a good one. Of course…

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Land based metre plus barra

Land based casting for big barra.

Many years ago I was fortunate enough to stumble across a successful method of targeting big saltwater barramundi while land based lure casting. Way back then we used to get a lot of fish in the 90cm bracket using this method but did manage 5 over a metre. For the last 18 years or so…

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Large mouth nannygai

Wonky hole facts

A Wonky Hole is an underwater spring exiting from the sea floor. They were given the name wonky holes by the northern trawlermen who used to lose their gear and sometimes capsize their boats. This occurs as the otter boards dig in, pulling from the outriggers and over she goes. Hence, they can often be…

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Leader size for big barra

Leader size for Big Barra

They say size doesn’t matter but in today’s video on leader size I am going to tell you otherwise – because landing big barramundi consistently takes a little bit of luck and a whole lot of prior preparation. Too often I have people come on charter to catch that fish of a lifetime and their…

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Reel photograph

Guides and Line Rollers

People often ask me the secret to landing big barra on such a consistent basis. Certainly being on the water day in day out helps. But it truly is the little things that make ALL the difference. I do a lot of behind the scenes maintenance, but I also use really simple practices that you…

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Second capture of tumor lips barra.

Big fish don’t move!

Over my years on the water catching barra, I have noticed a distinct pattern with re-captured fish. In the earlier days when I didn’t have grey hair, we caught many smaller barra as part of tagging programs. With these smaller barra, I noticed that many of them were tagged between 100 and 200 kilometres away…

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Box Jellyfish handling

How to remove box jellyfish from your cast net.

These last two seasons have been the worst I have seen for box jellys in over 20 years! With venom one of the deadliest in the world, I know only too well how unpleasant it is to be stung – usually getting hit a couple of times per season – mostly minor of course. For…

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Bruiser in the croc in the headlines again. We think he has been falsely accused.

Cardwell Crocodile no dog eater

Poor old Bruiser the Cardwell Croc is in the news again, although I suspect witnesses could have got it wrong. I have personally seen this bloke cruise up and down the beach while I am walking my dog, while people are casting nets for bait and fishing on the waters edge. I have never seen…

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Ryan gets hammered by a sting ray barb

Stabbed in the leg by a sting-ray!

Stabbed in the leg by a sting-ray!!! Ever wondered what to do next? Well I found out first hand last Saturday when it actually happened to ME. Let me tell you the story… Last Saturday while gathering bait on a beach near Townsville I caught a 50cm bull-ray and about 6 mullet in the cast…

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Brilliant tip for easy fish filleting!

With barra season upon us now might be the time to revisit a fish filleting video we made at easter last year. This simple trick will make filleting a whole lot easier! It also ensures you get the maximum amount of flesh off the bones and onto the fillet. The trick is to start the…

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