ryan bar cheecked trout. Cardwell Jewies (2) ryan gold spot cod Sunset Red
Cardwell Jewies 3 Channel choppers Crocodile creek jack Diamond trevally
Cardwell jewies doigy and chopper, on his bucks day... Eva Is fingermark Eva Island spaniard
fingermark from the Haven Fingers galore glen fingermark good fingermark
2 more monsters 2 nice nannys 10kg red 12kg emperor
13kg emperor 15kg nanny Alan Martin queenfish Alan Martin trout
Alicia and nice red Another big emperor Another good fish Arnolds red
Bennys spaniard Big black trout Big Bob and Big trout big emperor )
Big Nanny Big Queeny Black Jew Black Marlin
bluff fingermark Bohle river GT Bohle river jack Brad Lambert with big nanny
Brad with big Emperor Brys big red. R.I.P mate Cam White Graham Box
Gregs monster Trout) Hans and GT Hinchinbrook fingermark Ians with 2 big emperors
JD with a good trout Jo with a good trout jodys fingermark John downward nice threddy
Jordys fingermark Kurt stoddart Maggy island emperor Maggy shoals (2)
Maggy shoals (3) Maggy shoals 3 Maggy shoals 4 Maggy shoals
Maggy shoals3 Missionary bay 2 missionary bay fingermark Missionary bay
MORE FROM MAGGY SH Nice bar-cheek trout Nice black jew Nice fish, nice tat..
Nice Jack (2) Nice Jack Night time reds One for the ladies
Paul Rigby Rob Darguish Rods queeny Ruffys big red
Russ from Singapore Sailfish Sally and a nice Wrasse sharkey and fingermark
Sharkey and golden trev. Sharkey and scarlet sea perch sharkey with trout and red-throat Sharkys big nanny
stoddart group Taylors beach wonky hole Tippo and chopper Triple hook up
trolled up chopper wonky hole red