Fingermark Sounder Cheat Sheet

What do Fingermark (Golden Snapper) look like on your marine electronic equipment?

What do fingermark look like on your fish finder

Get Started Catching Golden Snapper

Golden Snapper (Fingermark) stack in large schools at times and one of the keys to catching them is knowing what they look like on your marine equipment.

  • 1.

    Traditional screen shots taken at Hinchinbrook of Fingermark aggregating and foraging

    Fingermark are a versatile species that feed in two different modes.

  • 2.

    Traditional screenshots taken at night rising into bait

    Bait attracted by the squid light move towards the boat followed closely by large Golden Snapper.

  • 3.

    800 Khz sidescan taken in Far North Queensland

    Shows them aggregating under the boat in large numbers

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