Troy Moore

Myself and a mate were anchored in the Norman River near Karumba fishing. Soon another boat came along and started fishing about a 100m from us. After a while another boat came along (the family I ended up saving). 

As they arrived they accidentally ran over the other boats line and it wrapped around the prop. We sat there watching and fishing for a while until I said to my mate "gee that boat looks like it's taking on water.” We watched for a couple more moments and sure as shit it was taking on water, and a lot of it, because old mate was down the back trying to untangle the line around his prop!!! 

I quickly ripped in the lines and the anchor up and rushed to them. Once I got to see the amount of water in the boat I told them not to panic, the boat wouldn't sink as it's a center console quintrex and there full of foam under the floor. I said, “give me the little kid and mum so they are safe in my boat” and then we could help old mate.” 

Once they were safe in my boat I got in the sinking boat and realized that someone had had the floor up and not screwed it back down because it was now floating, and to make it even better there was no foam under it either!!!! To top this all off the owner had been doing some work to the boat and had taken the bilge pump out !!!!!!!! 

Are you ready for the best bit ???? He also forgot to put one of the bungs in 🤦‍♂️ 

I was trying to keep him calm and explained to him if he drives the boat straight all the water will run out of the bung hole. But he was panicking and kept turning the boat and swamped the motor. I quickly grabbed a rope and started towing him towards the nearest creek which was 6 mile and was half able to beach it. 

With all this going on I noticed in the end we had an audience. About 3 other boats pulled up and watched us, not one bastard offered help saving this family! And I think they were watching to see which one of us was going to get taken by a croc first. 

Luckily another mate came past and pulled up to give me a hand. After 2hrs we were able to tow him back to the boat ramp. 

The very next day I made up a backup bilge pump to keep up the front of my boat as a spare in case I have to ever save another boat and family.