Neil Young

In December 2017, myself and a workmate organised a trip off Dundee in my 5.10m Quintrex Sea Spirit to get into some reds. As is customary, we checked the weather for the day and it all looked good. So we got up at sparrow fart and drove from Darwin to Dundee. Again we checked the weather and the radar was clear. We then set off on our 70km trip out to the spot. Glass off conditions made for a nice ride in the darkness, and after arriving at the spot we were straight onto some nice Nannygai.

The Seaspirit is a good little sea boat - here she is fuelled up and ready to go.

An esky full of reds made a great start to the day.

After an hour or so and an esky full, we decided to search for some different species. We headed out a further 5km to some lumpy ground. As we pulled up we looked back towards Dundee and there was a massive storm brewing. Lightning everywhere and filled half the horizon.  As with all storms, we thought we would wait and maybe watch it fizzle out or blow through.

Within the hour came the howling wind ahead of the storm blowing 100kph+ winds across the water. I said to my mate I think this is going to be big. We decided to head directly into the storm in the direction of Dundee where there was some closer in fishing grounds.

Here she comes. At that stage we had no idea what we were in for.

Within 30 min the seas turned to 1m and 2m then 3m then 4m. We were now down to 10kph on and off the throttle to keep straight into the waves and soften the landing. Waves were hitting us from the side as well as breaking over the front of the boat. This went on for about 3 hrs. Fuel gauge was dropping very quickly.

Here is a video we made of the trip: Battling the storm wide of Dundee

Once the seas dropped to about 1m again about 30km off Dundee we pulled up to put some more fuel in the boat and had another fish. Only a few small sharks.We then headed back in closer to Dundee and got onto some blue salmon to finish the day. While in close fishing I had a call from a mate in Darwin asking if we were OK as he saw an article that a boat had to be rescued by the Care Flight chopper when they were only 30km off Dundee and lost their navigation.

The next morning I could barely walk being battered and bruised all over and decided to crawl back into bed for the day.

It ended up being the biggest storm of the season.