Glenda and Mike Brooks - Weipa, QLD

This is the horror story that happened to our boat during a wild storm on the night of Feb 8th 2012 at Weipa harbour.

Our boat which we had taken us two years to build was on a swing morning when during the night our vessel took a lightning strike. Luckily we were not on board as a fire ball went off inside the boat with explosions in the bathroom and several holes to the outside of the hull where the electric earthed out. We think because of the deluge of rain it starved the fire of oxygen and didn’t burn the boat completely.

We were informed at daybreak from the Weipa tugs that our boat was listing and with the help of our son Nick and his wife Elisa towed to the boat to shore.

Attached are some photos of the damage which were sent to the insurance assessors.

Thank goodness for insurance. The assessor claimed it was the worst case he’d seen from a lightning strike.

The vessel was written off and we were paid out within three weeks of the incident.

Glenda and Mike Brooks

Damage to inside the vessel after the strike

Damage to inside the vessel after the strike

Scorch marks on the door

Our beautiful boat before the lightning strike

Blown out hatch - when lightning strikes a boat

The vessel was written off after the lightning strike