with fishing legend Ryan Moody

If you struggle to FIND and CATCH Fingermark (Golden Snapper),
this presentation is for you!


Create your own fishing "roadmap" to PREDICT fingermark behaviour

Know where to find them. No matter what the time or tide - Day or Night.

How to catch more fingermark


Catch more fingermark in less time

Find them in places you've driven past a million times
Become a better angler by fishing with strategy

  • What Ryan Moody doesn't know about fingermark is not worth knowing. Great insight into fish behaviour and how he predicts where fish will be!
    Brett Ford
  • I've done all his courses and learned something new everytime time. If you're looking to improve your fingermark catches this is a great resource.
    Andrew Haratsis

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Ryan Moody catches big fingermark (Golden Snapper)

Ryan Moody

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