Lovely fish. Melinda Clark's charter 112cm Jarrod 104cm Jarrod Blake (800x600)
Jarrod Blake again (800x600) JaysBarra (800x541) Jessie Bell 104cm John Blake (2)
John Blake Johnny Bell 101cm Jordan Moody 94cm. Julie Poile barra 102cm
Just joined the metre club 101cm Just missed out on the metre club Just on a metre Justin Powell
karen's 98cm Lights out Loui Lochie Ford with a 98cm Lochie Ford with a 103cm
Lovely 101cm barra Lovely Maccas Barra March 2013 Andrew Tappsell 7 barra with 92 the smallest
Mark Fowkes Matt Dunn trip Matt Dunn's charter Matthew Dunn charter
Matthew Dunn Fishing trip Matty Dunn Maz's barra Melinda Clarke
Metre club Metre plus club. Michael Coverlid Hinchinbrook Mick DeRoy
mickderoy charter Mike joins the metre barra club. Mike Park 98cm. Mike Park from Cairns
Mike Park Nice 102cm Nice north queensland barramundi Nice oceanic barra
Nice North Qld barra Not a meter yet 89cm NQ saltwater Barra 103cm
Oceanic Bohle River barra Paul Hosking charter barra Paul Hosking charter Paul Lesiuk charter
Paul Lesuik 1m Paul Lesuik 97cm Paul Lesuik charter day Paul Lesuiks Hinchinbrook charter
Pete Brookes barra charter Pete Brookes charter Pete Brookes Peter Brookes charter day
Peter Brookes charter Peter O'Brien from the gold Coast. QFM August 08 Reggie from Port Hinchinbrook
Robyn Box from Brisbane. 105cm Robyne Box Brisbane 102cm Rod Doyle 98cm Rod Doyle 102cm
Rod Hanneman 103cm Ross' 90cm barra Ross Zollner charter giving her a cuddle. Ross Zollner charter
Rowan 98cm Roy Simpson from Giru 105cm Russell Longson Russell with a metre barra.
Ryan Moody Sam Ford and dad Brett Sept 2013 Guy Foster charter Sept barra
Sharkey 103cm. Sharkey sharky 101 Shiny barra 102cm
Smiles all round Staddard Group 101cm Steve's barra Stoddard Goup3
Stoddard Group1 Stoddard Group2 Stoddard Group4 Stoddard Group5
Stoddard Group6 Stoddard Group7 Stoddard Group8 Stunning fish
Summer barra Supurb 101cm Sweet 103cm Sweet barramundi
Tanya Hervey. Tappsell charter great day Tappsells charter barra bonanza Tappsells charter
Tapsell charter The big fella loves a cuddle. The boys are happy! The Stig 101cm
Thommo 101cm Three old salts Tippo 92cm tippo again
Tippo and his Mum Tippo with a 93cm North Queensland barramundie tippo2 Townsville metre plus
Tracey's barra 114. Trent Palmer charter Trevor 102cm Trevor Green
Trolled barra 109 Troy 98cm Trudi Waddington ubeaut
Up from Melbourne Vic Macarone Watto Jnr Watto Snr 98cm
Watto Snr Winter barra Wayne Hervey Charter 99cm Wayne Hervey Charter
Wayne Elliot Tville Bullie